Vision of MABH

Vision Statement: 

To build The Museum of Archaeology & Biblical History  that is recognized as the primary repository for all significant archaeological artifacts that support the historical authenticity of the Biblical Narrative. 

Mission Statement:

To build a smaller version of the archaeological museum in Albuquerque New Mexico that presents archaeological artifacts in such a way as to support the historical authenticity of the Biblical Narrative.

Goals and Objectives:

Provide a permanent home for archaeological artifacts that support the Biblical Narrative and present and correlate them historically with the times and places within the context of the Biblical Narrative.

No major museum exists in the world today whose sole purpose is to present ancient (archaeological) artifacts in such a way that correlates and supports the historicity of the biblical narrative.  Many museums throughout the world hold extremely important biblically related archaeological artifacts that are just a part of their collections and are of no more value and or importance than any other piece that they may own. As visitors view these objects they have no frame of reference for them in relation to the biblical narrative.  All of these archeological gems need a home that places them clearly within the historical context of the biblical narrative. So as visitors view them they are able to draw the relationship between real archeological artifacts and the biblical narrative. We want to build a home to house all of these precious artifacts in one place. Our goal is to acquire all of the significant ones if possible and if not able to acquire the originals then to secure exact replicas of them. We want to become recognized and considered one of the great museums of the world. We want to build relationships and partnerships with other great museums because they all contain important archeological artifacts important to us and hopefully we can freely exchange exhibits between ourselves.  


Participate in and support Archaeological Excavations

Be a catalyst to initiate and conduct scholarly and scientific archaeological excavations and support ongoing archeological excavations in the middle east primarily Israel, Jordan and other middle eastern countries that can bring to light additional evidence that supports the biblical narrative.  It is extremely important to keep this science alive and not let it die. This also allows both science and scholarly research associated with the biblical narrative to work hand in hand and not to be adversarial. 

Provide educational seminars and symposiums and publish scholarly research in the field of biblical archaeology.

Conduct ongoing archeological educational seminars and symposiums that bring to light all that is happening and developments in the field.  To promote films and educational materials that are archeologically based for all that might want them. We can be the world’s center for biblically related archaeological evidentiary material and expertise.  When anyone in the world thinks about the repository of archaeological evidentiary material that supports the biblical narrative they will think and come to us. 

Though the Museum presents archaeological artifacts that support the Biblical Narrative we are not affiliated with any religious organization nor promote any specific theological position.  

We believe in an approach whereby the historical artifacts speak for themselves when presented properly in relationship to the biblical narrative. Visitors are not lambasted with loud threating rhetoric mandating believe in any particular theology. Instead, hard evidence is presented in the form of historical archeological artifacts placed in their accurate historical setting aligned with the history of the biblical narrative. As the visitors leave after viewing, seeing, touching these objects they then ponder and consider the evidence, a seed is planted or soil prepared to open the heart to the message contained in the biblical narrative.  What power is the biblical narrative if people do not believe that it has true historical relevance? We believe that the archaeological evidence helps to address this most important question. We want to attract all people from all over the world from all walks of life and discriminate against no one!

Scholastic Honesty and Integrity

Of upmost importance is the foundational approach to the presentation of the information; it must be presented with honesty and integrity!   This scholastic honesty and integrity must allow and even solicit descent. Not all of the archaeological evidence to date necessarily supports the biblical narrative, as we understand it. But what today appears to be a challenge to the biblical narrative may in fact be its strongest evidence in 10, 20 or a 100 years from now. We must trust the biblical narrative to speak for itself. We do not just want yes men we want thinkers. Healthy honest rigorous debate keeps alive the conversation and gains the respect of all honest seekers of truth even though there will be disagreements. We do not want to alienate anyone for any reason especially religious belief. We want to provide free open dialogue with any and all organizations, individuals and institutions.