Board Members

Be a part of history with us

Please consider your participation in the worthwhile Mission of The Museum of Archaeology & Biblical History. Our Board members, Scholars and Advisory Committee believe in the Mission of The Museum of Archaeology and Biblical History and have contributed their time, association and support.

We thank you for your careful review of this brochure and request your financial participation alongside us to our Mission “to provide opportunities for children and adults to experience the historical reality and authenticity of the Bible.”

Board Members:

John E. Mancini

Steven Collins

Vice President

Andrew J. Lipman

George Sparks


Ed Kraft

John P. Lastra

robert (Mike) Unthank

Scholars & Advisory


Charles Aling, Ph.D.

Professor of History/Egyptology

Chairman, Department of History

Northwestern College, St. Paul

Rami Arav, Ph.D.

Professor of History/Archaeology

Department of Philosophy & Religion

University of Nebraska, Omaha

Amnon Be n-Tor, Ph.D.

Yigael Yadin Professor of Archaeology

Institute of Archaeology

Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Mark Chavalas, Ph.D.

Professor of Ancient History

Department of History

University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse

William Fulco, Ph.D.

National Endowment for the Humanities

Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Loyola Marymount University

Charles Krahmalkov, Ph.D.

Professor of Ancient Near Eastern Languages

Department of Near Eastern Studies

University of Michigan

John W. Moore, Ph.D.

Professor of Archaeology

College of Archaeology & Biblical History

Trinity Southwest University

David Maltsberger, Ph.D.

Field Archaeologist/Researcher

Professor of Biblical Studies

Baptist University of the Americas

Randall Price, Ph.D.

World of the Bible/Field Archaeologist

Professor of Archaeology

Trinity Southwest University

Leen Ritmeyer, Ph.D.

Ritmeyer Archaeological Design

Professor of Hebrew,

Biblical Studies & Archaeology

Heritage College, Adelaide, Australia

James Tabor, Ph.D.

Field Archaeologist/Researcher

Chair of the Department of Religious Studies

University of North Carolina, Charlotte

Bryant G. Wood, Ph.D.

Field Archaeologist/Researcher

Director/Publications Editor

Associates for Biblical Research

Edwin Yamauchi, Ph.D.

Professor of History/Archaeology

Department of History

Miami University, Ohio