Our Vision

Affirming the Authenticity of the Bible

File-04 Founded in 1999, The Museum of Archaeology and Biblical History has quickly become one of the largest private collections of exceptional and rare, biblically connected artifacts in the United States. With pieces from virtually every culture across 3,000 years of biblical history, many scholars and historians consider the Museum’s collection to be the finest integration of biblical narrative and Near Eastern antiquities in the world. At the Museum, the collection is carefully laid out so visitors can “witness” the rise and decline of ancient kingdoms and empires—like Sumer and Akkad, Babylon and Hatti, Canaan and Egypt. You will see the rise of Greek influence under Alexander the Great, and sense the power of the Roman Empire. From ancient toys to tools, cosmetics to mummy coffins, the Museum will enrich your understanding of the ancient world that gave rise to our own.

Time for Change

We often watch in dismay as our society seems to spiral out of control. Sometimes we feel helpless as America moves further and further from the source of its genius—the Bible. Indeed, these are perilous days. But there are things we can do to revive our vital scriptural roots. Over the past 125 years, the Bible has slowly slipped from its honored position as truth in our culture, to a place where even many mainline denominations and clergymen doubt its value as a historical witness to God’s acts in the world. How could this have happened? Isn’t the evidence of history and archaeology on the side of the Bible? Yes, the evidence is on the side of Scripture. But the anti-Bible voices in our society have learned to speak louder, longer, and more effectively than the Bible-believers—but this can change! Demonstrating the historical accuracy of the Bible is what The Museum of Archaeology & Biblical History is all about. For children and adults, this is the kind of experience that rescues the Bible from the realm of myth and legend, and thrusts it into the world of tangible history where it belongs. Our Mission is to demonstrate the historical reality and authenticity of the biblical narrative by displaying and presenting Near Eastern artifacts from biblical times and places. Through the Museum’s engaging and interactive hands-on approach, visitors are physically connected to the ancient cultures and customs of the biblical world. As King David wrote, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.” If you could hold in your hand an actual oil lamp from the ancient Israelite Kingdom, you’d have real contact with David’s world. You’d be seeing and touching exactly what David saw and touched when he wrote Psalm 119. Touching many facets of the biblical world is what is experienced at The Museum of Archaeology and Biblical History. With the institution of our new board and subsequent solidification of our Mission,“to provide opportunities for children and adults to experience the historical reality and authenticity of the Bible,” we have identified two important financial objectives that will allow us to accomplish our Mission: The Capital Expansion Project named “More Light from the Ancient Past” and our Annual Museum Operating Budget. We hope you will take the time to review this booklet to see how you might contribute to this worthwhile endeavor.

—the board of The Museum of Archaeology & Biblical History

The Museum of Tomorrow

Pyramid facade 24 megs Our Mission at The Museum of Archaeology & Biblical History is “to provide opportunities for children and adults to experience the historical reality and authenticity of the Bible.” This is accomplished by displaying and presenting ancient Near Eastern artifacts from biblical times and places. To accomplish our Mission, our global objectives are as follows: Entry facade 24megsSite Plan 24 megsFloor Plan copy 24 megs • Create and display high-quality, interactive exhibits that increase the public’s knowledge of the Bible and its relevance to modern life.   • Develop and deliver innovative educational programs that inspire people to understand the value of the biblical narratives and how they speak to the challenges of modern living.   • Acquire and maintain the resources needed for interactive exhibits and innovative educational programming.   • Expand existing facilities and begin design development of 120,000 square foot Future Museum Complex* These objectives can only be accomplished if we secure the necessary financial resources to 1) expand the current Museum floor space and exhibits, and 2) fund the ongoing operational needs of the Museum. The following pages will explain each of these financial needs in detail.

Board Members:

John E. Mancini President Steven Collins Vice President Andrew J. Lipman George Sparks Secretary/Treasurer Ed Kraft John P. Lastra Robert (Mike) Unthank